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Acceptance of Truth

We have a new puppy and the truth is, at 8 weeks old, Skylar didn't come housebroken or house trained.  We started training her immediately and she's doing pretty good, but we've had our accidents.  It's frustrating, but we carry on.  I know from past experience with our other dog, Molly, that it takes awhile.… Continue reading Acceptance of Truth

God and your Health

Is that a new Chair? Why yes, it is!

A few years ago, we gave my daughter the task of refinishing an outdoor wooden chair.  She was very excited at first to begin, but was quickly disillusioned when she found out that before she could use the paint, she would have to spend hours sanding, cleaning and repairing.  The fun part of painting would… Continue reading Is that a new Chair? Why yes, it is!