God and your Health

Brian and the Mysterious Stomach Ache

 The studio was quiet and the flourescent lights were making that noise that Brian hated.  Mrs. Leary came out to greet Brian and his Mom,  "Hi Brian."  "Hi Mrs. Leary", he said.    All of the sudden Brian cried out, "Oh Mommy, I can't go in there.  I am going to throw up.  Mommy, please… Continue reading Brian and the Mysterious Stomach Ache

God and your Health

God’s Provision for Nutrition

I woke up this morning and my body was so achy!  We had a party this weekend and I overdid and ate everything from candy bars to kettle corn.  My joints are killing me!  Sugar tastes soooo good going down, but when it starts to go through my body, it beats me up.  Does this… Continue reading God’s Provision for Nutrition

God and your Health, Stress Management God's Way

The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!

Meet Molly, my furry friend of six years!  I love her dearly, but she is relentless when she wants my attention.  She constantly wants to play and I mean constantly.  If I don't play with her on her timeline, she begins to nag me and nag me.  If I continue to ignore her, she goes… Continue reading The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!