God and your Health

Fasting and Prayer for the New Year

His divine will is waiting to be revealed to those who call upon Him and are humble in His presence.

God and your Health

A Sneak Peak, of What’s Ahead for “No More Bandaids” in 2021!

2021 brings new opportunity for "No more Bandaids." I am excited to announce the following: For 2021, I will be producing a series of short video clips, showing my followers nutritious cooking tips. We will continue our regular blog posts, working with clients on personalized nutrition plans, teaching wellness classes at assisted living facilities, community… Continue reading A Sneak Peak, of What’s Ahead for “No More Bandaids” in 2021!

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Whole In My Heart

This is the year that my heart becomes a WHOLE lot better! I have several holes that are pretty big right now, but with Jesus doing the repairs, I know I'm in good hands.  I just have to keep from taking over the tools that He likes to use to get the job done.  When… Continue reading Whole In My Heart

God and your Health, Mental Health, Stress Management God's Way

Wearing Wisdom Well in 2015

As I step into this new year, the recognition of where I am, floods the brain, as I begin to process some of the unwise decisions I made last year.  Why did I decide to "not" put away the clean laundry for two weeks right before my parents came for a visit?  Why did I… Continue reading Wearing Wisdom Well in 2015