God and your Health

Fasting and Prayer for the New Year

His divine will is waiting to be revealed to those who call upon Him and are humble in His presence.

God and your Health, Mental Health

Are You Out of YOUR mind?

If so, join the club!  Oh, and it's okay as long as it's being replaced with the mind of Christ!  In Philippians 2:5 it says "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."  As I study, I see that this book is a letter from Paul to the believers at Philippi.  The… Continue reading Are You Out of YOUR mind?

God and your Health

Brian and the Mysterious Stomach Ache

 The studio was quiet and the flourescent lights were making that noise that Brian hated.  Mrs. Leary came out to greet Brian and his Mom,  "Hi Brian."  "Hi Mrs. Leary", he said.    All of the sudden Brian cried out, "Oh Mommy, I can't go in there.  I am going to throw up.  Mommy, please… Continue reading Brian and the Mysterious Stomach Ache

God and your Health

Life In Action Exercise

I have to say that my current lifestyle is not conducive to exercise.  When I lived overseas, I didn't expect that to change, but it did!  Living in Singapore really taught me a lot about exercise as a way of life.  In the intense humidity, these people, including me, walked long distances to and from… Continue reading Life In Action Exercise

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Our Journey With God Into the Land of “Gluten and Dairy Free”

I'll never forget the night that my husband and I huddled in the hall, with fear in our hearts and tears in our eyes.  We said a prayer that God would please let us discover what was causing the terrible infections plaguing our son at the tender age of three.  We prayed that his 103… Continue reading Our Journey With God Into the Land of “Gluten and Dairy Free”