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Spirit Minded

What an awesome world it would be if all Christians embraced what it's like to be free from the flesh by being Spirit minded at all times.  Of course, that would make us perfect and without need of God's grace in this world. But....when we experience long periods of freedom from the flesh, peace overwhelms… Continue reading Spirit Minded

God and your Health

She Soars Conference

I'm so excited to be a part of Patricia Holbrook's first Conference, She Soars , on Saturday, April 30th 2016.  My workshop topic will be, The Holy Spirit and your Health - How To Avoid the Negative Impact of Stress.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you better through this amazing… Continue reading She Soars Conference

Chronic Illness, God and your Health, Mental Health, Stress Management God's Way

Overcoming Strongholds

Overcoming Strongholds - Published 10/6/2014 -      Life Notes the Cafe Blog Do you battle strongholds in your life?  I know I do!  We all have many hills to climb as a result of original sin.  Daily we are inundated with the stress of living, whether it be good or bad.  Sometimes our basic needs… Continue reading Overcoming Strongholds

God and your Health, Mental Health

Are You Out of YOUR mind?

If so, join the club!  Oh, and it's okay as long as it's being replaced with the mind of Christ!  In Philippians 2:5 it says "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus."  As I study, I see that this book is a letter from Paul to the believers at Philippi.  The… Continue reading Are You Out of YOUR mind?