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My Favorite Health Hacks

So, when it comes to staying healthy, what are your go to's? Mine are pretty simple, so I thought I would share.  As you flow through the list, I've added some links in case you want to check out some of these services and products for yourself! See a Functional Medicine MD for your next… Continue reading My Favorite Health Hacks

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What Grace, Peace, and Thanksgiving Do for Your Health and How to Acquire them.

So, what can we do spiritually to manage mental and physical health while having to endure this present state of affairs? The Bible says, grace, peace and thanksgiving are our antidotes.

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Help… the ceiling is falling!

Last month the ceiling started to fall literally and figuratively. My bathroom ceiling in the basement was falling apart due to humidity. I had to scrape it, install a better vent system and repaint the ceiling and the walls. I needed to do it months ago, but I put it off. What happens when we… Continue reading Help… the ceiling is falling!

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Old Testament Dietary Law and the New Testament Christian

If you want a life changing experience, read "What the Bible Says about Healthy Living" by Rex Russel M.D.  I'm studying to be a nutrition consultant and at the same time doing a Bible study using this book.  I want to share what I'm learning about God's provision for our health.  I hope this information… Continue reading Old Testament Dietary Law and the New Testament Christian

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Pathway to Wholeness

Hi Everyone!  I'm ready for another Bible Study!  Are you?  Gearing up for our Fall Pathway to Wholeness BIBLE Study!  We will meet on Tuesday Evenings from 7-9 p.m in the Atlanta/Perimeter area, November 1 - Jan. 31 2016.  We have three weeks off for the holiday season. Pathway to Wholeness is a discipleship Bible… Continue reading Pathway to Wholeness

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She Soars Conference

I'm so excited to be a part of Patricia Holbrook's first Conference, She Soars , on Saturday, April 30th 2016.  My workshop topic will be, The Holy Spirit and your Health - How To Avoid the Negative Impact of Stress.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you better through this amazing… Continue reading She Soars Conference

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InTouch Ministries Read – Let God Change Your Mind

This week I am sharing an article from In Touch Ministries, written by Aubrey Longley-Cook that was sent to be by way of Faith and Health Connection, the organization that certified me as a health ambassador.  The article is about relinquishing worry and letting God change your mind!  This is a great article.  Please Read this!… Continue reading InTouch Ministries Read – Let God Change Your Mind

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Life In Action Exercise

I have to say that my current lifestyle is not conducive to exercise.  When I lived overseas, I didn't expect that to change, but it did!  Living in Singapore really taught me a lot about exercise as a way of life.  In the intense humidity, these people, including me, walked long distances to and from… Continue reading Life In Action Exercise

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God’s Provision for Nutrition

I woke up this morning and my body was so achy!  We had a party this weekend and I overdid and ate everything from candy bars to kettle corn.  My joints are killing me!  Sugar tastes soooo good going down, but when it starts to go through my body, it beats me up.  Does this… Continue reading God’s Provision for Nutrition

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The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!

Meet Molly, my furry friend of six years!  I love her dearly, but she is relentless when she wants my attention.  She constantly wants to play and I mean constantly.  If I don't play with her on her timeline, she begins to nag me and nag me.  If I continue to ignore her, she goes… Continue reading The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!