What Grace, Peace, and Thanksgiving Do for Your Health and How to Acquire them.

So, what can we do spiritually to manage mental and physical health while having to endure this present state of affairs? The Bible says, grace, peace and thanksgiving are our antidotes.

The Stress of Surprise!

I love surprises! I don't, however, enjoy the surprise of a stressful situation. Have you ever gone to work only to find out that people have been laid off, or your company is being "reorganized".  Maybe you've experienced an unexpected death in the family, or a diagnosis of cancer after a routine visit to the … Continue reading The Stress of Surprise!

Overcoming the Worry and Stress of Chronic Fear

In the wake of all the media coverage about the Paris and San Bernardino killings, worry and fear can take hold.  Many people actually find themselves "sick" with fear.   Physically, Web MD states that chronic worry can produce the following symptoms:  difficulty swallowing, dizziness, dry mouth, fast heartbeat, fatigue, headaches, lack of  concentration,  muscle aches and … Continue reading Overcoming the Worry and Stress of Chronic Fear

Loving my Decision!

 I am so happy that I decided to walk through my fears and go to Israel.  It's an amazing place. One thing I didn't expect to notice or care about is the soil.  It's dark and very fertile reminding me of the scripture about God's promise to the Israelis about their land. I've  seen the … Continue reading Loving my Decision!