Stephanie Wilkins, CNC

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the community as a Certified Nutrition Counselor and Health Education Specialist to encourage and educate people about Chronic Disease Self-Management and Chronic Disease Prevention.

Along with the free resources, encouragement, and teaching provided to the community, as a CNC, Stephanie provides paid health, wellness, and nutrition education programs and packages to meet the needs of small businesses, organizations, individuals and small groups. If you or your organization are interested see below:

Group Health, Wellness & Nutrition Classes

Click here to see the calendar for our latest Zoom Live classes to meet your health, wellness and nutrition needs. There is something for everyone!

Individual Chronic Condition Self- Management Services

We offer extensive services for people suffering from chronic conditions. Contact me personally for this service. Inclusive of:

  • Extensive Research into your chronic condition
  • Evidence based information & studies related to your condition including: alternative treatments, proven supplements, lifestyle changes, self-management techniques, tips, modalities, equipment, etc.
  • Drug side effect and drug interaction reporting to assist you in speaking and to work with your healthcare provider to make informed decisions.
  • Through our ministry, “No More Bandaids” we offer free encouragement and support to you and/or your caretaker including: resources, free on-line courses, blog posts and community events where we speak about the health, wellness, and nutrition.

Small Business “Wellness Works” Packages:

Mix and match the following health and wellness services for your small business to affordably increase benefits for your employees Contact us for:

  • Quarterly Lunch-N-Learns taught by our wellness professionals in your place of business. Choose from a variety of Health, wellness and nutrition topics.
  • Health and Wellness copy/ content for your company newsletter
  • Wellness Events – planning and production to promote healthy living and chronic disease prevention
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Screenings – Malnutrition, Addiction, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Overall Wellness Screening – Mental Health/ Physical Health

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