Personalized Healthy Living Plans

$250.00 per person

Your personalized wellness plan includes:
– 2 (1 hour) consultations in person or by phone.  (Assessment/Followup)
– Drug and Food interaction Report for current medications and supplements
-Drug and Food Side Effect Report for current medications and supplements
– A complete Health and Wellness Routine based on your style of living and your schedule.
-Macro Nutrient information
-Caloric Intake and BMI calculations
-Proven Nutrition Information specific to specific medical conditions
– Proven Exercise Information specific to your ability, interests, and goals
– Articles and studies for your specific condition/goals
-Meal Planning/Prep assistance
-Easy meal suggestions for maximum nutrition
-Grocery Shopping/Restaurant Tips
-Lab Test  Recommendations
-Healthy Technology Recommendations

Additional Consultations  are available to keep up with progress for an additional $35.00 per hour fee. (The above package includes a fee structure of:  2 consultations at $30.00 per hr., 6 hours of research at $30.00 per hour, and a 10.00 report processing fee)

All  educational information provided is based on substantiated health and nutrition information and available to the general public.  Always consult your dr. before beginning any wellness, exercise, or weight loss program, stopping any medication or begin taking any supplements.  As a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Stephanie Wilkins is a wellness educator and is not a medical professional.  Stephanie does not give medical advice or dispense supplements or medications.