Fighting for Your Life

 1 John 5:4    For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—OUR FAITH.   Have you ever found yourself "fighting for your life" with everything that is within you?  To your amazement, your strength increases as the stress piles on and you … Continue reading Fighting for Your Life

Spirit Minded

What an awesome world it would be if all Christians embraced what it's like to be free from the flesh by being Spirit minded at all times.  Of course, that would make us perfect and without need of God's grace in this world. But....when we experience long periods of freedom from the flesh, peace overwhelms … Continue reading Spirit Minded

Jesus Cares for You

I think one of the hardest jobs is to be a caretaker for someone who doesn't want to be cared for.  This could be caring for anyone with a chronic condition such as an aging parent, spouse, child, or a friend.  It's an act of love that is never repaid.  When doing this, I have … Continue reading Jesus Cares for You

The Power of God’s Food In Your Life

 Meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains!  At every book store there's a new book about eating healthy.  It's amazing that they are discovering time and time again what God told us in His Word thousands of years ago!   After all, he's the creator so why would we need to go somewhere else to find … Continue reading The Power of God’s Food In Your Life

Peace, Glorious Peace!

When were you last silenced by the reality of unmet expectations?  Does your past hold negative judgment for your best efforts?  Do you remember a time when sting of toxic words cut you to the core?  If your like most of us, it probably wasn't that long ago.  So, what was your response?  Did you … Continue reading Peace, Glorious Peace!

She Soars Conference

I'm so excited to be a part of Patricia Holbrook's first Conference, She Soars , on Saturday, April 30th 2016.  My workshop topic will be, The Holy Spirit and your Health - How To Avoid the Negative Impact of Stress.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you better through this amazing … Continue reading She Soars Conference

InTouch Ministries Read – Let God Change Your Mind

This week I am sharing an article from In Touch Ministries, written by Aubrey Longley-Cook that was sent to be by way of Faith and Health Connection, the organization that certified me as a health ambassador.  The article is about relinquishing worry and letting God change your mind!  This is a great article.  Please Read this! … Continue reading InTouch Ministries Read – Let God Change Your Mind

Christmas is over, now what?

Christmas is over, the paper and boxes lay in the trash.  The tree is dried out and ready for removal. The food's been eaten and everyone's gone home.  Now what?  It's that time of year to reflect and think about what lies ahead for 2016.  For me, there are some milestones that will include a … Continue reading Christmas is over, now what?

Overcoming the Worry and Stress of Chronic Fear

In the wake of all the media coverage about the Paris and San Bernardino killings, worry and fear can take hold.  Many people actually find themselves "sick" with fear.   Physically, Web MD states that chronic worry can produce the following symptoms:  difficulty swallowing, dizziness, dry mouth, fast heartbeat, fatigue, headaches, lack of  concentration,  muscle aches and … Continue reading Overcoming the Worry and Stress of Chronic Fear

Join Us In January for a New Pathway To Wholeness Bible Study

HELLO FRIENDS!   Could you stand to lose a few pounds in 2016?  Are you tired of all those headaches after a late night at work?  What about that acid reflux that's giving you fits?  Is the depression still lingering, even with the medication?  If you are ready to look at your personal physical and mental … Continue reading Join Us In January for a New Pathway To Wholeness Bible Study