No More Band-aids

No More Band-aids is a ministry of encouragement to those with Chronic or Stress related illnesses. Our ministry is three-fold.

First, we write encouraging articles for those with Chronic or Stress related illnesses, their caretakers, and anyone interested in how faith and health connect.

Second, we teach a discipleship Bible Study called “Pathway To Wholeness“.  This 10 week study is offered to individuals and to church groups.  It teaches people how their faith and health are connected, how to abide in Christ and how the Holy Spirit can change your thinking.  The study covers in depth Biblical principals that when applied will help people overcome lifes’ most stressful obstacles.

The third part of our ministry is to educate people, through our experience, about health and wellness through Jesus Christ with a slant towards natural and alternative medicine.  We do this through speaking engagements, seminars, informative articles, and expo participation.





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