Pathway 2 Wholeness Bible Study

If you are looking for a great Bible study, about health and wellness through Jesus Christ, join us  if you are in the Atlanta area.  Contact me here to sign up.  To join this study in another state, please click here to find a P2W study in your area. 

Need for Program:   Chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other lifestyle-related illnesses can often be linked to unhealthy relationships with God, self and others or the stresses of living in a fallen world.  Many people cannot fulfill their life purpose because of health issues.  P2W assists you to connect your mind, body and spirit, with the mind of Christ.
Purpose of Program: To disciple Christians in key Biblical principles that will spiritually transform and improve whole person health, bring glory to God through their lives, and advance His Kingdom by improving their relationship with God, self, and others.


  • Become aware of the connection between stress, relationship issues and health, and the benefits you’ll gain by making healthier choices in these areas.
  • Embrace Biblical and medically-sound knowledge on how to live in a right relationship with God, a healthy relationship with your self and loving relationships with others.
  • Knowledge on how to develop healthier beliefs, attitudes and habits will also be addressed. You will review and study 40 key biblical principles related to God’s commandment to love Him, your self and others and how these principles may affect your health.
  • Demonstrate the ability to make the desired changes noted in your personal growth plan through the application and practice of biblical and medical principles.
  • Receive encouragement from your facilitator and share your experience with others as reinforcement of the changed habits and positive impacts resulting from the study

Length of Program:   Two hours/week for a period of 1o weeks.

For more information contact or if you need a more complete description of this program go to the Faith and Health Connection website listed below.


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