Links– ALCAT is considered one of the best tests for food intolerances– Dr. is a great site for alternative health – This is a great site for people dealing with stress.  The Lord can help you by using the program they offer called Pathway to Wholeness.  As well, they have encouraging articles and resources for you to look through. – Everything you want to know about gluten intolerance – A website of games to increase your cognitive abilities – Great for anyone who is middle aged!  Allows you to set up a personalized program for yourself. – Web MD – A good starting place for disease information – Dr. Lynn Flowers is one of the best physicians in the Atlanta area .  He is all about nutritional therapy and integrative medicine for chronic illness.  His individualized care will leave you astounded.  His staff is phenomenal.  His RN, Misty, is amazing.  She takes care of all the weight loss programs for patients.  She provides wonderful personal care and pays close attention details.

More to come!!!

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