Chronic Disease Support

Chronic Disease Support
No More Bandaids

Hi, I’m Stephanie and this is “No More Bandaids“. This site is a network for chronic disease support. To clarify, my site was inspired by my Mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over 25 years ago. Life has been tough for her sometimes, but her heart is still full of joy.

Chronic Disease Support
My Beautiful Mom

Our chronic disease support network for people/caretakers includes several things: First of all, we offer spiritual encouragement. Secondly, we supply wellness resources. Thirdly, we cover chronic disease prevention. Fourthly, we offer paid health and wellness classes. Finally, we provide a blog and a community where we can connect personally with you.

The name, “No More Bandaids“, reflects our desire for you to learn chronic disease support self-care skills. As a result, our desire is that you begin to peel off the band-aids of unhealthy coping skills. Then, it’s our hope that you find and use positive skills that we have provided for you here.


Health and Wellness Teaching

Contact Stephanie about a class for your non-profit organization or for your next church event. Also, check her calendar for upcoming community health and wellness classes. All classes are taught from a Christian perspective and leave people feeling uplifted, challenged, and hopeful!

Resources/Tools for Healthy Living

Check out our amazing resources and tools for living a healthier life with chronic conditions. Included, we have links to helpful websites, and evidence based studies. As well, we have tips, articles, videos, and free classes for you to enjoy. Finally there is a listing of paid health and wellness services provided by Stephanie Wilkins, Certified Nutrition Counselor. Check out this great resource from the ARC in Georgia!


Our blog offers spiritual encouragement and support to people with chronic conditions and to their caretakers about living a healthier, more abundant life. My passions for writing include, chronic disease self-management, prevention, nutrition, mindful living, staying healthy while traveling, and the spiritual aspects of health.

What people say

Thank you so much for this ministry. It has been an encouragement to me on my journey to better health after being diagnosed with Diabetes. The program for for self-management through the ARC, shown under your resources gave me hope and helped me to understand my chronic condition and embrace a better future.

Grateful Diabetic

My daughter loved the macro tool that is on your website. She used it to lose weight after going to Dr. and being diagnosed with heart disease. Thank you for this resource. Also, I love reading the blog. It encourages my heart as I continue to care for my daughter.

Parent/caretaker of daughter with heart disease

About us

Providing you with evidence based health information to assist you with Chronic Disease Self-Management.

Uncovering the Power of Healthy Living to Fight Chronic Disease.


Stephanie Wilkins, CNC, Health Education Specialist