Overcoming Strongholds

Overcoming Strongholds - Published 10/6/2014 -      Life Notes the Cafe Blog Do you battle strongholds in your life?  I know I do!  We all have many hills to climb as a result of original sin.  Daily we are inundated with the stress of living, whether it be good or bad.  Sometimes our basic needs … Continue reading Overcoming Strongholds

Loving my Decision!

 I am so happy that I decided to walk through my fears and go to Israel.  It's an amazing place. One thing I didn't expect to notice or care about is the soil.  It's dark and very fertile reminding me of the scripture about God's promise to the Israelis about their land. I've  seen the … Continue reading Loving my Decision!


How can you avoid growing older?  You can't, but you can have JOY through the process. The focus of the world on the young's bodies inundates us at every turn, making it hard to appreciate our hard earned wrinkles.  Ageing parents and adult children bring new stresses to our life.  Questions about health and when … Continue reading GROWING OLDER WITH JOY

Your Prayers are Appreciated, my stress is high right now!

Hi Everyone.  If you pray , I am asking you to pray for me this week.  We are about to embark on a trip to Israel to see where my Savior, Jesus Christ, walked, talked, and died for my sins.  It is a trip that I have always wanted to take.  I never knew a … Continue reading Your Prayers are Appreciated, my stress is high right now!

Renewing the Mind for Peace of Mind

Have you ever "lost your train of thought"?   It happened to me this morning.  I was in the kitchen thinking about what I needed to do for the day and remembered I needed to take my supplements.  On my way to the medicine cabinet, my mind moved to the clean laundry, so I started … Continue reading Renewing the Mind for Peace of Mind

Health, Wellness, and your Child (Transcript from Keepers 3/10/2014)

Health, Wellness, and Your Child When I began the health and wellness journey with my children 19 years ago, my belief about my body and what I put in it was tainted by the world.  I saw my body as an entity that needed to be filled when it was hungry, that needed to be … Continue reading Health, Wellness, and your Child (Transcript from Keepers 3/10/2014)

My Furry Friend, Molly!

Hi Everyone! Thought you would enjoy seeing Molly after reading my article "The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail". She is so happy with her tennis ball!

The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!

Meet Molly, my furry friend of six years!  I love her dearly, but she is relentless when she wants my attention.  She constantly wants to play and I mean constantly.  If I don't play with her on her timeline, she begins to nag me and nag me.  If I continue to ignore her, she goes … Continue reading The Problem with Four Legs and a Tail!

Walking through the Darkness as a Dandelion

Guest Blog Article published for Soaring with Him Ministries - Jan. 16, 2014 In December, my Mom and I had an encounter with a man who spoke wisdom and encouragement to us.  I believe what he said to us was from the Lord.  He spoke about grief and this is what we heard: "The sun … Continue reading Walking through the Darkness as a Dandelion

Struck Down, But Not Destroyed

I remember my Mother telling me that one day I would long for heaven!  I was actually resistant to her statements because, as a young person, I wanted my heaven to be on this earth.   I would NEVER be like my mother!  Why did she always want to listen to that Christian music?  Why … Continue reading Struck Down, But Not Destroyed