God and your Health

Fasting and Prayer for the New Year

His divine will is waiting to be revealed to those who call upon Him and are humble in His presence.

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Stephanie Wilkins, Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Celebrating 9 Years of ministry at “No More Bandaids”.

It is with great excitement that I celebrate 9 years of ministry at No More Bandaids.

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Recovery Tips for the “After Effects” of COVID

It’s been about six weeks now, and most residual symptoms are clearing. Throughout the process, I’ve established a pattern of care that has definitely helped. So here are my recovery tips for those who may still be suffering post virus effects.

God and your Health

Learn to be mindful while you eat and stop bad food habits that put on the pounds and create chronic health problems! Contact me here: stephatnomorebandaids@gmail.com to reserve your spot in “Intentional Eating”New classes begin every month!!

God and your Health

Two Week Jump Start to Healthy Weight Loss

Consider, under a Dr.'s supervision taking a healthy weight loss combo supplement that contains chromium, ginko, green tea, and white kidney bean extract. (Read the study attached)Reduce your calorie intake, under your Dr.'s supervision, by utilizing http://www.calculator.net to come up with your BMI and your caloric intake for weight lossIncrease your fiber intake through food… Continue reading Two Week Jump Start to Healthy Weight Loss

God and your Health

How To Form Healthier Eating Patterns

 Develop a Routine. A routine establishes regular eating patterns.Many people do not have a routine anymore due to COVID.  Many people are now working from home and don’t go out for lunch anymore so they are eating at their desk, etc. Your daily routine should incorporate exercise and proper mealtimes where you can meal prep… Continue reading How To Form Healthier Eating Patterns

God and your Health

Heart Healthy Nutrition Tips

For this week's post I am sharing a transcript from a talk I did for Sure Connextions on Heart Healthy Nutrition Tips.  Hope you enjoy!  Click here for the Power Point PDF transcript:   Heart Healthy Nutrition Tips by Stephanie WIlkins

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Five Wellness Tips for Overcoming Common Health Struggles

Common health struggles run rampant in our society. Some of them include, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, High Cholesterol, Pre-Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, GERD, IBS, Chronic Viruses, Hormone issues, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, etc., etc. When people visit their Doctor, the prescriptions may differ, but the advice seems to always be the same.... Eat better, relief stress in… Continue reading Five Wellness Tips for Overcoming Common Health Struggles

God and your Health

A Sneak Peak, of What’s Ahead for “No More Bandaids” in 2021!

2021 brings new opportunity for "No more Bandaids." I am excited to announce the following: For 2021, I will be producing a series of short video clips, showing my followers nutritious cooking tips. We will continue our regular blog posts, working with clients on personalized nutrition plans, teaching wellness classes at assisted living facilities, community… Continue reading A Sneak Peak, of What’s Ahead for “No More Bandaids” in 2021!

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Holiday Stress Relief

We all get emotional during the holidays. I would say this one will be even more so, with a lot of people grieving over the loss of friends or loved ones and/or many experiencing separation anxiety. What can we do to calm the nerves and to help us relax that is also healthy and healing?… Continue reading Holiday Stress Relief