About “No More Band-aids”


No More Band-aids is a ministry of encouragement and discipleship to those with who are going through major stress in their life or those suffering from chronic mental or physical illness who want to improve their health and wellness through nutrition, lifestyle management, education, and dependance on Jesus Christ.  Would you consider living your faith out loud by stepping out of the “band-aid box” of our health care system and embracing a faith/health connection with Jesus Christ?  Have you ever considered what the Bible says about your chronic condition or the stress related incident you are facing?   Each month, through my blog, I share the good news of Jesus Christ with you, as it relates to stress relief, nutrition and health and wellness.   Through the Whole In My Heart Bible study, I share personally with small groups of ladies in the local Atlanta area how utilize the great gift of the Holy Spirit that God has given each and every Christian to help us overcome and experience the fullness of His joy.

My inspiration for this ministry comes through the trials of life and my experiences dealing with stress  in both the right and wrong ways.  I have an adult child with severe gluten intolerance and ADHD and a mother with Parkinson’s disease.  Although we will always experience illness  and will need medicine from time to time, we have comfort knowing that when we trust in the Lord, His will is accomplished in our lives and His comfort is always available to help us through our struggles, even in death.  Through our obedience to Him we can find peace and, through His provision, we can find hope and relief from many of today’s high-profile, chronic illnesses.

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