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img_0007Stephanie Wilkins

Years ago, the Lord called me to be a wife.   It has been a joyful journey through mountain tops and valleys for the past 30 years being married to my husband, Joe.  He’s the love of my life and my biggest encourager.  We’ve had the unique experience of living around the world because of Joe’s occupation in the corporate world.  As a matter of fact, we have lived in three different countries and four different states in the U.S.  Along the way, we had our children, Nathan who is 21 and our daughter Natalie who is 17.   They are our greatest blessings from the Lord, given to us by Him through adoption! My blogging passions are christian health and wellness, travel, gluten free living/cooking, and alternative medicine.    From 2008 – 2013 I enjoyed being a mentor to young mothers for a program at our church called Keepers of the Heart and Home.  In 2013, I started No More Band-aids, which is a ministry of encouragement for people with chronic or stress related illnesses and their caretakers.  The inspiration for this ministry was my son, Nathan, who lives with a Chronic and severe gluten intolerance.  As well, my Mother suffers from Parkinson’s disease.   My ministry opened the door for me to become a Certified Health Ambassador through Faith and Health Connection, which is an organization designed to teach others about freedom from stress, as it relates to your health,  through dependance on Jesus Christ.  My ministry takes me on the road throughout the suburbs of Atlanta, GA to teach women of all ages about what the Bible says about healthy living through Jesus Christ.

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