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Two Week Jump Start to Healthy Weight Loss

  1. Consider, under a Dr.’s supervision taking a healthy weight loss combo supplement that contains chromium, ginko, green tea, and white kidney bean extract. (Read the study attached)

  2. Reduce your calorie intake, under your Dr.’s supervision, by utilizing www.calculator.net to come up with your BMI and your caloric intake for weight loss

  3. Increase your fiber intake through food or by supplement (Inulin is a great fiber supplement)

  4. Drink Water only with your meals and throughout the day for 2 weeks. Increase your normal intake staying away from all diet drinks, sugary drinks, or any type of soda.

  5. Eat at least 1 salad per day and have at least 1 green drink per day preferably freshly juiced utilizing spinach/carrots/kale/and/or broccoli/romaine lettuce.

  6. Exchange potatoes and any other starchy vegetables with beans, and other lightly sautéed in olive oil or steamed vegetables.

  7. Limit meat intake to one fist size portion per day.

  8. Practice Intentional Eating!

  9. Exercise each day – 10,000 steps (Does not have to be formal exercise, if you are busy, but must be outside of your normal work day, such as walking the stairs at home, doing physical chores around the house, walking the parking lot at work, etc.)

  10. Email me with your results! I’m anxious to know!!!

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Two Week Jump Start To Healthy

Weight Loss

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  1. Steph,

    This is good information. Looking good. Hey, I was out there looking at your web site. Where do you post your video’s?

    Love you!


  2. Thanks Steph, this is all great. I have lost 20 lbs but it is slow. I need to increase my walking and I was taking spin classes that I need to begin again!I love your information!Shary

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