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Jesus Cares for You

IMG_3846I think one of the hardest jobs is to be a caretaker for someone who doesn’t want to be cared for.  This could be caring for anyone with a chronic condition such as an aging parent, spouse, child, or a friend.  It’s an act of love that is never repaid.  When doing this, I have to remind myself of what Jesus did for me on the cross and how many years I rejected His teachings.  Did He ever leave me or forsake me?  No!  So….through HIS power, I can serve without getting the results I want, although it hurts sometimes.  I do this knowing that I have hurt Jesus many times as well.  With this in mind, I must continue to care in hope that one day, the patient will see that Jesus wants to heal them completely on the inside and that it will affect them dramatically on the outside as well because their fortitude will be renewed, and their stress will be eased.  My hope is that they will remember who HE is through the love that they have been shown through me.  Sometimes, this love has to be tough, and sometimes it is tender, but it must always be given and can only be sustained through the Holy Spirit.

I can’t force treatment down the throat of another who has free will.  It’s their heart that I’ve been called to attend to anyway.  I’m not sure why people focus on the flesh so much, but it’s a battle in my life to focus on the physical instead of the spiritual all the time, especially when it comes to illness.  Jesus has called us to feed people the Word, nourish them with His principles, wrap them in prayer, hug them, hold them, and let them know that Jesus Christ loves them more than they can imagine.  With Him, things may remain complicated, but HE will give me and them peace that passes all understanding, and strength to face whatever may come.   I must trust and believe with all my heart that HE, (NOT ME) who has begun a good work in them and in me will bring it to completion.  Philippians 1:6

Be encouraged, God is near!  Psalms 34:18

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