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Life, Stress, Your Goals, and The Distraction of Technology

photo(10)YOU DID WHAT?  You really took the internet out of your home?  How can you function?  How do you get your work done?  Why?  These were my questions and concerns when a friend of mine told me that she decided to take back her family from the Distraction of Technology.  Whether it’s a game, photographs, researching topics, or social media; during periods of stress, it becomes too easy to reach for and obtain the latest and greatest tech toy.   Readily, I admit that I am part of this new age that is caught up in the tech world.  Everyone I know is.  I see it all around me.  Kids and adults are plugged in as they drive to school, as they “relax” in the living room, or even as they sit in church.  The addiction to click, text,  and surf is hard to lay down.   Unfortunately, the distraction of technology seems to take more than it gives!  For all  the  gratification that it gives us , it takes away many other very beneficial ways to receive stress relief because it takes away our most valuable posession….time.  The time that we need to take in nature, enjoy our blessings, develop our gifts, and be there for the people who need us.

I love the outdoors, but I can never seem to get enough of it.  The day passes away before I know it, especially when I get on the computer right after dinner.  When I am holed up in a room, searching the net, I am missing the clouds, the breeze on my face and the sunshine, not to mention all the wonderful places of beauty such as the mountains, the dessert, or the sea.  A walk outside or a drive on the weekend to a point of nature provides stress relief, as well as exercise.

Another thing that Tech Distraction does is to rob us of the enjoyment of using the “other” blessings God has given us.  Examples of this in my life are:  a good book, my athletic club membership, camping equipment, my bicycle, ping-pong table, or our pool table!

Ignoring life to pursue perpetual clicking also takes away our time to accomplish the giftedness that God has equipped us with.  My unique giftedness is writing, teaching, and music.  I currently teach a Bible study, sing in the church choir, and I write this blog.  If I spend too much time on the net, my gifts suffer.  It’s like writing this article, if I stop and begin to “research” a topic of interest or click over to Facebook for a “minute” (like I just did!!!), I won’t get my article done!  Believe me, I’m preaching to myself, which brings me to my last point….

Not only does being distracted by my computer or phone take away my time personally, but it takes me away from other people who need me.  I was called by God to begin my ministry, No More Band-aids.  If I become distracted, and I don’t do my job then the witness I have for Jesus Christ suffers because of my selfish behavior.  So, we need to remember that our distractions affect other people as well as ourselves.

With some good boundaries, we can all enjoy the benefits of technology without suffering the consequences of becoming distracted and/or addicted.  Some things to help are:  Time limits, replacing some of your tech-time with other stress relief activities,  and goal setting.   If none of this works, you can always go cold turkey like my friend did with her family.  She was actually my inspiration for this article.   Although they were all in “technology shock” for the first week, they gradually adjusted and found reading, board game playing, and the outdoors again.   They currently make use of wi-fi at work and at school when they are actually in need of technology.  Can’t say I would go to this extreme, but she felt her family was in need of the wake up call and it has served them well.  I congratulate her on her efforts and for the results it has given.

Bottom Line:  Value your limited time that God has blessed you with and you will be on your way to overcoming Technology Distraction! Psalm 90:12  – So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.







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  1. Stephil – Atlanta, GA – I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a ministry of Christian encouragement to people with Chronic Disease and their caretakers. On my blog you will find encouraging articles, nutrition information, studies, resources, as well as health and wellness Bible study information. My goal is to show people the love of Christ and help them achieve stress relief, joy in abundance, and forgiveness which brings some relief both mentally and physically to their body, soul and spirit.
    Stephanie Wilkins says:

    Your right, some people can make it their god. Have a great day Mom. Love you.

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