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Love Knows No Boundaries

On a recent mission trip to Charleroi, PA, the teenagers and I had the opportunity to talk with a woman sitting on the side of the road.  The dark circles under her eyes, weathered skin, and tattered clothes showed the hardship she had endured.  She had recently moved to Charleroi from another state where she had lost her job.  When she arrived here, she found another place of unemployment and now her car was not working anymore.  She wanted to move back home, but was now stuck in this dark place.  This place, Charleroi, is an old steel city that has been ravished by drugs and unemployment.  Her situation appeared grim to me, yet she had a good attitude.  Very positive.

We talked with her for awhile about Jesus, who she knew personally.  The girls loved on her and encouraged her to come to the concert where they would be singing that night and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  She was surely going to be there.  That night, as I was looking out into the midst of all the poor and down trodden, the drug addicts, and homeless people at our concert,  I caught a glimpse of her sitting  in the back.  After the concert, she came up to me, gave me a big hug, and then thanked us for bringing the teenagers to talk to her and to love on her.  She found the girls and hugged them all and encouraged them in their efforts and then she gave me a poem.  After I read it, I realized that she had written it especially for the love she needed and then received when the Lord placed the teenagers around her.   I thought it would be nice to share it with my followers.  The message she wrote is for all of us as Christians and goes straight to the heart:



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