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What does Ebola and the Old Testament have in Common

IMG_0954What does Ebola and the Old Testament have in Common?  People groups in need of  health and wellness laws to survive on their journey to a better place.  In Leviticus 11, God revealed to the Jews, on their way to the promised land, the survival laws of clean and unclean foods.   These health laws, given by God  in Leviticus 11, have been proven by science and/or by history to be benificial to healthy living.  By adhearing to these laws, we can actually save ourselves and others from much heartache, disease and even death.  It’s amazing to me how all knowing and caring that God is to give us an instruction book that is over 3,000 years old, yet is still so practical and applicable today.

It is very unfortunate and it saddens my heart that the governments in many countries throughout West Africa  leave their people uneducated and hungry, having to rely on any wildlife they can find to fill their stomachs.  Some of the wildlife they eat include animals that the Old Testament deems unclean, in particular, monkeys and bats.   Not only do these animals cause bacteria within the people who eat them, but their dead carcasses infect people when they are touched, and the carcass also infects the water of the people who must drink from places where these animals have died.  On the Ebola transmission page from the CDC, bush meat from bats and monkeys is listed as one of the transmittors of the disease.

Osofsky, the executive director for wildlife health and health policy at the Wildlife Conservation Society, recently wrote an article for CNN.com.  In this article, he explains the terrible plight of those who eat bats and monkeys.  Speaking of bats he states, “…from SARS and Ebola to Nipah and rabies — just to name a few.  Because of this we should work to discourage the capture, killing and consumption of bats, the disruption of their roosting trees, and the establishment of farms right where they defecate and urinate.”  He goes on to say, “The same can be said for primates, our closest relatives.  We share a lot of diseases with them, and indeed we know that HIV/AIDS arose from the butchering and consumption of chimpanzees.  If we can make sure those in need of nutrition can get it in other ways, humanity would be much better off not eating primates of any kind.” To read the entire article click here

This informative article inspired me to be  proactive in helping refugees from these countries, that are living right here in America.   How can I do this?  I can do this by supporting and volunteering with government organizations such as the International Rescue Committee and through Christian ministries who work with refugees for long term care such as the Family Heritage Foundation in Clarkston, GA.

I pray that people will recognize and see that God is good and that he wants the best for all His people, all over the world.  Although, our salvation as Christians is not dependant on what we eat or sacrifice any longer, the laws of unclean and clean animals is still true and those who follow it will be blessed.  We are his people and He is God and He knows best.  Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 “I came to fulfil the Law, not to abolish it.”  Just think about the 10 commandments.  What if we threw those out?

Will following the laws of God cure all the people in these countries?  Of course not, but the acceptance of God into any life will heal that person on the inside and give them hope.  Just the recognition that there is someone out there who wrote a book just for them to give them eternal life, relief in their current situation, hope, love, and some instruction for living that has a proven track record, is a huge step in the right direction.  I believe as a Christian that to ignore what God can provide them, is to not have a heart for mankind.  I pray that the revelation of faith and health and how the Old Testament and Ebola have collided, will be acknowledged, and that God’s love will set some people free from this ugly disease.

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