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Loving my Decision!

 I am so happy that I decided to walk through my fears and go to Israel.  It’s an amazing place. One thing I didn’t expect to notice or care about is the soil.  It’s dark and very fertile reminding me of the scripture about God’s promise to the Israelis about their land.

I’ve  seen the fruit of that soil too.  Lots of pomegranate, mango, dates, and olives.  As well, our meals consisted of nothing imported. Everything is grown fresh in Israel.  God’s abundance is so present there.  It’s easy to eat healthy there.  Never knew that salad was a breakfast food, but in Israel, vegtables are very “in”.

If I had not trusted the Lord and walked through my fear, I would never have seen the rock in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed.  What a moment to experience with my daughter.  We both laid our hands on the rock and thanked Jesus for this moment.  The reality of His Word is alive today and the promises and prophecies are being fulfilled.  What a blessing.

I want to encourage you in whatever your dream is to pursue it with passion and walk through fear.  If it is God’s will, He will make the way and keep you close to Him as you journey there .

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