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Stephanie’s new “Insider’s GUIDE to the Gluten Free Life” has 10 tips for you

If you are struggling with the Gluten Free lifestyle, here are 10 tips to make living this life easier:

  1. Have a positive attitude.  If your outlook is on thankfulness, you won’t be moaning and groaning about the things that aren’t ideal in your life.
  2. Remember to focus your energy on what you can have vs. what you can’t.  Often say, I can have this or I can have that instead of I can’t.
  3. Remember what you can have is a lot – A large variety of fresh seasonal fruits, chicken, beef, turkey and pork cooked tender to your liking; and wholesome, delicious vegtables!
  4. Embrace Paleo Cooking at home.  Here’s a great cookbook for you to try:  Make Ahead Paleo by Tammy Credicott
  5. Embrace hospitality and become the “cook” for your friends, instead of going out.  You save loads of money, enjoy cooking and visiting together, and you stay healthy!
  6. When you must eat out, always prepare.  Call ahead to insure that they have gluten free items on their menu.
  7. When eating out, even in the most careful locations, remember to bring your digestive enzymes to take right after or right before your meal.
  8. If you realize after eating out that you ingested gluten, take your enzymes and then take Benedryl (if you are able) before bed that night.  It will curtail certain gluten ingestion symptoms and reduce your down time.
  9. Choose your snacks from the grocery store wisely.  Not all gluten free snacks at the store are healthy.  Gluten free doesn’t mean carb free or preservative free.  Click here for some great gluten free oatmeal.
  10. Learning to bake your favorite desserts is necessary to enjoy the gluten free life!  Use your favorite recipe and simply replace the flour with Bob Mills Brown Rice Flour for delicious cookies and cakes.

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