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Walking through the Darkness as a Dandelion

Guest Blog Article published for Soaring with Him Ministries – Jan. 16, 2014
In December, my Mom and I had an encounter with a man who spoke wisdom and encouragement to us.  I believe what he said to us was from the Lord.  He spoke about grief and this is what we heard: “The sun shined on you in your prior life when you saw your life the way it was and life was good.  Then, tragedy struck and the darkness came.  You couldn’t  see in the darkness and you were afraid.  You didn’t want to move to the other side where God was calling you to come.  You were paralyzed by fear.  When you finally decided to just walk forward, one step at a time,  you made it to the other side.  It was different there, but the SON was shining on the other side and you were changed.

Change is hard, life is a struggle, and FEAR is real.  Praise Jesus that He is bigger than fear and his strength is made perfect in our weakness.  With Jesus, we are able to let go of one life and take hold of a new one.  This new place is where we must go. The past is gone and in the darkness we are lost.  Once we find the other side, we have to make adjustments because it’s a new place.  There’s a lot of work to do, but God helps us and he takes us to new heights on the other side!   This is especially true if you live with chronic illness.  The message of the man spoke to us because my Mom lives with Parkinson’s disease.  As I thought about this story, it made me think about how God takes the imperfection of our lives to accomplish his will.  This made me think about the dandelion!  Here’s a short story of a “would be” centerpiece turned into the  “miracle” of an herb.

I was planted last year with some really nice grass.  I was growing beautifully.  I had so many ideas about my future and where I wanted to be.  Then, one day, someone came and stomped on me, but not before I used my skill of multiplication. Part of me was all over their yard!  Now, I was laying there in misery.  Why would someone do that?  What am I?  I  thought I was a flower.  I was, for a moment.  Yellow, beautiful, one with nature, blowing in the wind.   The entire yard was a yellow beam of light and I was the one who initiated it.  But now, I’m lying flat on my face and I heard them say  we were weeds!  They called us dandelions.  I wanted to be picked for a centerpiece one day.  I wanted to be featured in a garden!  Why am I a weed?  Must I be a weed?  I can only multiply.  I can’t change into something that I’m not, or can I?  I’m afraid, abandoned, and alone.  I can only be flat and helpless.  Wait a minute!  Who is this picking me up and all my duplicates?   What is he going to do with us?  He’s given me water.  I’m wounded, but I’m surviving.  My roots are still in tact.  I hear him saying that I am going to help millions of people.  How can this be?  I hear him.  He’s going to grind me up!  That might hurt!!! He’s going to use my roots for a tea that helps humans cleanse their liver.  In fact, I found out that now I’m recommended to people all over the world who are suffering.  The sell us in the health food stores in many different forms!  They use me to help with many digestive upsets, abscesses, anemia, boils, breast tumors, and cirrhosis of the liver.  WOW!  I was so afraid that I was only a dead weed, but I’m much more than I imagined.  Although it would have been nice to be in a center piece for a special occasion, I’m so proud that I can help others and end some of the suffering that they endure.  I am a dandelion!  I really like that.  I really like Me!  This is awesome.  Thank you God.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a dandelion, especially in this new year! In 2014, I want to help others by letting God use my weaknesses.  I can do this by letting Him carry me through the darkness of my fears into the light of my new reality to be used for His glory for my time remaining on this earth.  (You can read about the dandelion here.)
Happy New Year!

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  1. Love your blog and the stories of encouragement! Continue to be a blessing to others and be blessed!

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